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Natural Movement,
​Yoga & Corrective Exercise

One on one sessions to address your specific body, needs and lifestyle.  Whether you are newly pregnant or 10 years postpartum, I will help you address whatever concerns or discomforts you are dealing with.  We will use yoga, natural movements and corrective exercises to aid your body's natural ability to heal and recover.  Breathing and mindfulness will also be incorporated into each session to help reduce stress and optimize healing.  Alignment and how you move plays a key role into the way your body feels and functions.  We will bring balance and strength back to your body so that you can do the things you want and feel your absolute best. We can meet in the office, your home or out in nature.


Conditions Treatable by our Movement Sessions

  • Common aches and pains in pregnancy

  • Pubic symphysis pain/instability

  • Sacroiliac joint pain/instability

  • Hip pain

  • Neck and shoulder tension

  • Core weakness

  • Pelvic floor weakness or pain

  • Incontinence

  • Prolapse

  • Diastasis recti

  • Back pain

  • Painful periods

Image by Надя Кисільова
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