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Full Midwifery

As a midwife, I provide guidance and support utilizing the medicine of food, herbs, movement, and connection.  We focus on natural ways that you can support your mind-body-spirit through the many transformations that happen during the childbearing journey.  The care I provide is client centered, trauma informed, gender-affirming, LGBTQIA+ centered, anti-racist, and body positive.

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Prenatal Care

​Each prenatal visit will last an hour and generally include discussion of physical and emotional changes,  nutritional and movement  recommendations, education and preparation for labor, birth and welcoming a new baby into the family.  We will also do a clinical check up for both the gestational parent and the baby.


Labor & Birth

I offer knowledgeable and attentive labor support. I monitor the well-being of the birthing person and baby through the least disruptive practices possible and I respect the sacred space and power of the birthing person during labor, the birth of the baby and placenta, and during the precious hours after birth. 


All postpartum visits are in your home to monitor the revocery for the gestational parent and baby.  ​I provide nursing and lactation support, as well as welcoming the new baby into the family and education on newborn care. I offer movement/exercise support and guidance for your recovering body with the focus on your core and pelvic floor.

Postpartum Care

A transmasculine gender-nonconforming person and transfeminine non-binary person being int
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